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Centralized Document Management

Manage your documents from multiple storage applications (Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint, Local Storage) in one place. Tag documents and associate them with records or workflows.

Approval Tracking & Management

Submit documents for approval. Get one-click approvals and track approvals in one place.

Versions & Compare

Merge all versions of a document that you have sent or manually uploaded into a single link. See the differences between versions at any time.

Document Generation

Automatically fill out documents using shareable or embedded forms. Merge multiple templates into a single form.

Document Workflow Automation

Send documents based on department or conditions while uploading. Use workflow automation if you want the legal department to see it before it goes to the CFO or if you want it to go to the finance department only after one of the legal department approves it. Eliminate manual processes and increase efficiency.

Smart Records, Reviews & Collaboration

Intelligently create records based on record types (contract, case file, power of attorney, etc.). Follow the records in excel format, view the contents of the records and collaborate with your teams.

Advanced Reports, Reminders & Alerts

Stay one step ahead of key contract dates and gain visibility into your details with customizable reporting and alerts.

User-friendly powerful integrations

Integrated workspace — for

Contract Operations Managers

Prepare document easily

Sales & Customer Managers

Close deals 3x faster.

Legal & Compliance Teams

Easily access contracts

Purchasing Departments

Don't miss deadlines

Cloud-Based Secure Contract Management

3x faster deals
70% faster drafting
Seamless collaboration between departments.
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