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Collaboration | Overview

Collaboration for all teams

Notifications & Alerts

Get notified when there are important developments such as assignment, expiration, renewal

Renewal Reminders

Never miss contract renewals. Check your e-mail box every Monday.

Notes & Events

Create notes and tasks while working together.

Activity Log

Onedocs automatically logs all contract activity, even after signing.

Advanced Permissions

Manage user roles and permissions to elevate security to the highest level.

User Portal

Users have centralized control over all assigned tasks and information from a single portal.

Select server

Do you want to use it in the cloud or on your own server? Select one of them.

Select add-ons

AI Extraction, Version Compare and Document Creation are add-ons. Decide which/s to choose.

Select professional services

Choose the professional service/s we offer. Most are free.

Connect your law firm (if applicable)

Add the law firm you work with (if any) to your panel.

Migrate data and import users

How many users do you want to use it with? Import users and data.
User Training
Free for 2 hour
onedocs offers multiple training options to empower your business and end user community with the necessary tools to adopt, use, and get value from the platform.
Data Migration
Free for once
Our team helps you quickly import all your existing data and documents with little or no downtime, so you can focus on using the system for your needs.
Ongoing Support
Always free
We provide prompt, accurate responses to your questions to ensure you can accomplish what you need with your system.
Free / limited
We will work with your team to guide you through all the steps in an organized and easy-to-follow process.

Cloud-Based Secure Contract Management

3x faster deals
70% faster drafting
Seamless collaboration between departments.