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Approval Workflows

Smart Approval Workflows let you approve requests more quickly, allowing you to spend less time on manual checks.

An approval process is a sort of business procedure that involves stages to formally approve work from various levels of the company. Budgets, contracts, bills, project ideas, marketing activities, and any other items that require clearance from many departments might be included in the work.

Approval process can be difficult for both large and small firms since many departments still use manual, inefficient methods of sending approval requests and delivering sign-off. Furthermore, these processes lack the required transparency and audit records.

Approval Processes are an essential part of any organization's daily operations, and by automating them using workflow management technologies like onedocs, you can boost your team's productivity and efficiency while effortlessly managing every process.

Among the several advantages of automating approval processes are:

Custom templates:

By customizing templates, you may easily develop new workflows for the approval process instead of designing one from beginning. This allows you to save time and accelerate the approval process.

Editing capabilities:

Once you've developed a workflow for an approval process and begin using it, you may find that some adjustments to the parameters or procedures that were previously in place are required. Instead of building a new automatic approval procedure, you may quickly modify an existing one.

Better compliance:

By automating approval processes, you can record every stage of the process, which can subsequently be conveniently checked during internal audits to check for compliance.


For complicated approval projects, monitoring every member's actions and ensuring adequate information flow can be a time-consuming effort. When processes are automated, keeping track of the many stages of the approval process, informing different users engaged, and adhering to deadlines becomes much easier.

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