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Contract Intelligence

Finding the latest contract version, navigating through contract expiry queries and organizing contracts in a spreadsheet all require time. But now with contract management system, businesses can easily organize their contracts, check them and update them in one place.

ONEDOCS Contract Management Software helps you to effectively manage contracts and keep track of contracts lifecycle, reducing the chances of errors and completing the task faster.

Easy to use dashboard

Our user-friendly dashboard provides customers with a home dashboard that displays an overview of the critical information they require. This covers information such as the number and type of contracts, their statutes, and which contracts are about to expire. An easy-to-use dashboard is a useful tool for optimizing and planning ahead in all of your contract management processes.

Centralized Document Storage and Collaboration

Collaboration is key to success in the world of business. You can centralize contract management across your organization with ONEDOCS, allowing managers, stakeholders, and decision-makers to examine, track, edit, and manage contracts from anywhere.

Automated Notifications

Whether you are an entrepreneur, small business owner or a large corporation, you need to keep track of contracts so that you can stay within the confines of your own agreements. Our contract management system will help you keep track of your schedule, deadlines and more.

Monitoring and Reporting

Tracking and reporting on your contracts is the key to keeping everything in order. A well- designed digital contract intelligence dashboard allows you to review reports and data in real- time, allowing you to keep on top of every aspect.

Custom fields

Custom Fields enable you to customize your contracts and reports to your company's demands. You can personalize your contracts by adding custom fields that store data of your preference.

Weekly reports

onedocs allows you to assign the contracts to specific users, set-up weekly deadline reminders for each user, and get accurate reports

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