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Document Generation

Are you manually creating business documents on a regular basis?

It can take a lot of time to manually update your client's information on new documents, such as name and address. Instead, you can use the existing document and change the client’s details to \{{name}} and \{{address}} to create a personalized document for every client.

Document automation is the process of utilizing software to generate digital documents without doing the manual tasks associated with document generation.

Document automation entails automating the administrative work often connected with creating routine documents.

This is accomplished through the use of software that populates papers with relevant info and a simple questionnaire is typically used to collect this information.

Document automation procedures eliminate the need for legal and business teams to spend time manually generating and populating papers. Instead, they can manufacture ordinary documents such as commercial contracts at scale and in a matter of seconds.

How does onedocs Automation work?

Create flawless, customized documents by converting a standard type document into a questionnaire that you can fill up with specific information.

1) Create a template
2) Use placeholders to replace variable information
3) Create a form, add the link to your site or share it with the counterparty
4) After the client submit the form, you’ll get the documents prepared.


Creating proposals is now faster and easier than before.

Contracts & Agreements

Create contracts and agreements dynamically when needed, use our forms to help you write them quickly.

HR Documents

A tool that helps you save time and effort in creating all the HR documents.

Purchase & Sales Orders

Promote your company by using an easy-to-use online form generator.

Invoices & Receipts

Automate your invoicing process by having line items automatically added to the invoice.

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