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Companies in the oil and energy sectors must manage and turn around a significant number of high-value supplier and vendor contracts. As regulatory scrutiny rises, this industry faces hurdles in remaining fully compliant while signing contracts in a timely and effective manner.

Any missed provision or delay in compliance has severe financial consequences in the shape of
significant fines and penalties. As a result, clever and effective contract management solutions are in demand. Among their key
features are automatic compliance and contractual obligation tracking, comprehensive analytics,
and real-time contract visibility.

- Gain more visibility into contract terms and conditions in order to maintain compliance
with environmental and safety standards, while reducing risks.

- Track contract details thoroughly to ensure that all supporting documents are accurate.

- As needed, create consistent protocols with numerous reviewers and approvers.

- Maintain an audit trail for all changes and versions associated with each contract.

- Contracts can be accessed and managed using a centralized, secure, and searchable cloud-based repository.

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