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Real Estate

The main difficulty is effectively managing thousands of lease agreements. Another problem is getting information about costs, yield, and occupancy that are compliant.

Accurate contracts may be drafted with the use of efficient real estate contract management tools. Additionally, it can assist in lowering investor concerns, meeting regulatory standards, and boosting sales and bottom lines.

Organizations can automate all contract management procedures with the help of ONEDOCS' automated contract management solution for real estate. Additionally, it lessens risks and creates a stronger framework for compliance management, hence reducing risks:

  • Create, maintain, and manage all investor and leasing contract agreements (revisions, conditions, charges, and renewals) in a single, secure repository.
  • Gain knowledge about your real estate properties' costs, yield, and occupancy (tracking and forecasting) throughout the contract management lifecycle.
  • Tracking changes at the clause level when searching contract information and extracting metadata
  • Ensure that all compliance documents are valid by thoroughly controlling contractual processes and data.
  • For any contract changes made at any time, access audit records for any contract.
  • As necessary, create and implement dynamic, standardized workflows with a variety of reviewers and approvers.

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