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A service level agreement (SLA) is a written agreement between a service provider and a client that specifies the services requested as well as the degree of service expected. The agreement differs depending on the vendor, service, and industry. 

It is critical for service providers to have effective contract management systems in place. -

How ONEDOCS helps:

  • Document Automation
  • Contract Intelligence
  • Document Management
  • Easy to use dashboard:
  • Centralized Document Storage and Collaboration: 
  • Automated Notifications: 
  • Monitoring and Reporting:
  • Custom fields:
  • Weekly reports
  • Google Drive, OneDrive and SharePoint Integrations: 
  • Role-based Permission Controls
  • Document Editor
  • Version control
  • Tagging: 
  • Search with Advanced Filters:
  • Chat Feature within the Contract
  • Approval Workflows
  • Template Management

ONEDOCS provide you with a secure, centralized digital repository for important contracts and other relevant data. You can also use your contract management system to assign contract approval roles to users, removing barriers from the contract management process.

It is vital to be able to present prospective clients with service agreements in a timely and effective manner. Your service agreements will look and feel the same as they do now, but you will complete them considerably faster and more professionally owing to tools designed expressly to automate your repetitive papers.

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