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Template Management

onedocs Template Management System helps companies manage their contracts by providing a central location for all agreements, terms, and conditions. It ensures that everyone within the organization has access to the same version of the agreement, reducing any confusion about who is using the correct version of an agreement.

Contracts serve as the foundation for all corporate relations. A contract defines the duties, obligations, and expectations of all parties when purchasing or selling goods or services, engaging into an employer-employee relationship, or creating a partnership.

Contract templates or a blank form-based approach to contract production offers multiple advantages, including the elimination of the need to generate a document from beginning and the introduction of various efficiencies in production. Contract templates, as opposed to writing a totally new contract, allow for the completion of specific fields and the instant construction of a contract.

Contract templates also ensure that the contract's terms and conditions are consistent. However, using contract templates on their own provides very limited benefits. While their initial implementation is typically a significant milestone in a company's contract management journey, ensuring that they are kept up to date and that everyone is utilizing the most recent version may rapidly become a challenge.

Managing contract templates within onedocs greatly improves compliance. Not only are the terms and conditions of the contract template those that have been approved by your legal team, but by maintaining them within a contract management tool, you are also guaranteeing that everyone within your organization is using the proper version of the agreement. You are no longer at risk of having an old template that an employee downloaded to a laptop in circulation. Furthermore, changes to certain sections can be easily reported for higher review and categorized for risk assessment. When specific criteria are satisfied, your automated contract management system can deliver real-time data on contract deviations or responsibilities that pose a danger to your firm.

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